Michael Kappaz founded K&M in 1986 to share his pioneering vision for mobilizing private capital to infrastructure projects.

From its inception, K&M provided a pioneering vision in infrastructure development by creating new financial architectures, credit enhancing mechanisms and enabling institutional and legal frameworks.  K&M rapidly became a pioneer and leader in IPP/BOOT development for its own account, and for many private companies and governments around the world.

Long before BOOM, BOOMT, and other project financing modalities became fashionable, K&M was creating effective approaches to meet the rapidly increasing demand for electric power financing created by the lack of traditional sources of funding from multilateral and bilateral institutions.

Some examples of K&M’s pioneering initiatives over its 25 years of existence include:

•    Development and financing of the first  non-recourse privately financed project in Latin America
•    Development and financing of the first limited recourse project in South Asia
•    Advise on the development of the first IPPs in Colombia, Jordan, Vietnam and Pakistan

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Michael Kappaz

Michael Kappaz