K&M Performs Technical and Commercial Due Diligence of Solar PV Acquisition in Central America

Washington, DC, February 1, 2015 - K&M has been engaged by a private equity investor to perform technical and commercial due diligence for the acquisition of a 40.5 MW solar PV facility which is currently under development.

K&M’s scope of work covers technical evaluation of the facility, which includes an analysis of the solar PV technology employed, the panels’ degradation rates and warranties, and an assessment of the EPC contract for the facility.

In support of the investor’s commercial due diligence, K&M analyzed the local institutional and regulatory environment, including ongoing reform efforts. K&M also performed a credit analysis of the power off-taker, evaluated the sovereign risk in the host country, and estimated the cost of capital for the project.

K&M is continuing to provide support as needed while the project is being developed.