K&M Advises on Successful 485 MW IPP Transaction in Jordan

K&M was the lead advisor to the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) for the negotiations with ACWA Power on the 485 MW Hussein CCGT IPP.  The plant will be built at the site of Jordan’s first thermal power station to replace the old facility with GE 9E turbines running on natural gas as the primary fuel. ACWA and NEPCO signed a 25-year PPA on January 18th, 2016 for the project, which is expected to have a total investment cost of US$460 million.

This is the fifth IPP for which K&M has been the lead transaction advisor in Jordan—the other four are Amman East (370 MW), Al Qatrana (373 MW), IPP4 (241 MW), and IPP3 (573 MW). In total, K&M has helped Jordan to increase its privately-financed generation capacity by 2,042 MW.

More information on the Hussein IPP transaction can be found here: