K&M has analyzed the technical feasibility of  dozens of projects.


For instance, K&M assessed, for the national power utility (NEPCO) in Jordan, the technical feasibility of IPP4—the world largest (573 MW) diesel power plant.  K&M’s work included assessing various technology options: simple cycle gas turbines, combined cycle, and diesel. Fuel options included natural gas and light distillate for gas turbine options, and heavy fuel oil and natural gas for diesel engine options. K&M also developed conceptual design and cost estimates for each of the technology options—these costs were used as inputs to the financial model that K&M developed. K&M used the model to ran 34 combinations of technologies and fuels. The feasibility assessment concluded that using diesel engines burning heavy fuel oil was the option with the highest net economic benefits. Following this work, K&M developed tender documents and assisted NEPCO in successfully tendering the project. The project reached financial closure and is presently under construction. 

K&M’s technical feasibility studies have assisted governments or investors in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Thailand, and Uruguay.

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