Many of the countries in which K&M has worked lack universal access to and continuous supply of clean water, and adequate wastewater treatment.  Treatment plants with insufficient capacity, inefficient distribution systems, tariffs below cost-recovery and poor governance are some of the reasons that explain why water and wastewater services are still inadequate in many countries.

K&M understand these challenges and advised governments around the world on how to resolve them. K&M experts have forecasted demand, identified least-cost options for meeting demand, analyzed the feasibility of specific projects, structured transaction to mobilize private capital, drafted agreements and bidding documents, and assisted during procurement and negotiation.  K&M’s services to governments have also included assessing willingness to pay, and analyzing or designing regulatory regimes. 

K&M has advised private investors on water or wastewater treatment plants. Specific tasks have included commercial feasibility studies, risk assessments, design and process reviews, financial modeling, market assessments and cost estimation.

K&M Services to Governments, Multilateral Agencies and Private Firms include:

•    Pre and feasibility studies
•    Transaction structuring
•    Engineering, design, procurement
•    Technical and commercial specifications 
•    International competitive bid for developer and/or equipment supplier
•    Financing strategies 
•    Design review
•    Construction management, Testing and inspection
•    Enabling policy, regulation or institutional reforms