K&M believes that clean generation technologies are revolutionizing the world.  In some countries, clean technologies offer an alternative to generate electricity at a lower cost generation than conventional technologies.  In other countries, clean technologies offer a cost-competitive alternative to reduce CO2 emission and reduce local pollution.

Clean technologies are however new and rapidly evolving. Investors and lenders are gradually increasing their understanding of these technologies, but are far from being able to fully assess their risks. Furthermore, some of these technologies are intermittent—adding more complexity to valuing them and assessing their risks. 

K&M, with a deep experience as commercial and technical advisor on the development of power plants, is well placed to advise investors and governments developing clean energy projects or policies.

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K&M Services to Governments, Multilateral Agencies and Private Firms include:

•    Pre and feasibility studies
•    Transaction structuring
•    Technical and commercial specifications 
•    International competitive bid for developer
•    Financing strategies 
•    Design review
•    Construction management, testing and inspection
•    Enabling policy, regulation or institutional reforms