K&M offers complete business and strategic solutions that help investors navigate increasingly complex business environments. We have helped numerous public and private companies benchmark their performance and implement changes necessary to improve operating and financial performance.

K&M has assisted governments, multilateral agencies, ministries and utilities throughout the world to assess existing policies and strategies on sector reforms. Subsequently, K&M provides policies, strategies, and regulatory options that promote competitive, efficient market environments while safeguarding the interests of key parties.

K&M's Strategic & Policy Advisory Services:

For governments:
•    Identify policy, regulatory or institutional gaps or bottlenecks
•    Draft or improve laws and regulations
•    Design regulatory agencies and procedures
•    Training and capacity building

For investors:
•    Identify investment opportunities
•    Identify and assess legal and regulatory risks
•    Benchmark performance
•    Develop performance indicators
•    Reengineering and business process improvement
•    Assess procurement options and procedures
•    Project scheduling