NEWS / K&M Plays Key Role in Green Hydrogen Projects

K&M Plays Key Role in Green Hydrogen Projects

May 26, 2023

K&M has been making significant strides in green hydrogen, contributing its expertise to various projects worldwide. Most recently, the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) has engaged the K&M team to assist the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in developing and implementing green hydrogen demonstration projects.

K&M’s responsibilities under this project include conducting comprehensive financial and economic analyses. The goal is to assess production costs and analyze economic benefits. With an estimated aggregate investment of USD 120 million, K&M will create a financial and economic model for the demonstration projects. This model will project cash flows, estimate costs, and evaluate the viability of producing green hydrogen and related products like green ammonia and green methanol.

Additionally, K&M will lead the design of these projects’ business models and financial structures. K&M will propose multiple business models involving private and public partners and work closely with the government to determine the most suitable approach. Risk assessments and mitigation strategies will be developed to ensure the long-term success of the projects.

K&M’s expertise extends beyond Trinidad and Tobago. In another assignment, K&M was part of a team the Inter-American Development Bank hired to design a strategy to introduce green hydrogen into Panama’s energy market, exploring its potential for sale in the domestic and international markets. K&M is also assessing the opportunities for utilizing excess geothermal energy to produce green hydrogen in the Eastern Caribbean and to market this green hydrogen in a regional hub.

K&M’s work in the green hydrogen sector showcases its commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Through financial and economic analyses, business model design, and strategic support, K&M is helping drive the transition to a greener future.

K&M Driving Sustainable Energy Practices

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