NEWS / K&M Supporting Solar PV Expansion in Aruba

K&M Supporting Solar PV Expansion in Aruba

August 1, 2019

K&M was engaged by WEB Aruba to support its PV solar system development. WEB, the island nation’s water and energy utility, is seeking to expand its services by offering solar PV solutions directly to residential, commercial and industrial users. K&M will make recommendations to WEB on developing a solar PV business model attractive to stakeholders.

Under the leadership of Alfonso Guzman, president and head of the strategic services practice, K&M’s scope of work includes analyzing the net metering framework in Aruba and comparing it to net metering rules in similar countries. K&M will then identify business models for WEB to deliver solar PV solutions, and analyze them with an economic model.

WEB Aruba, the only water and energy production company on the island, seeks to operate a “Cleaner, Greener, and Fuel Oil Free” facility by next year. K&M is drawing from its experience in 13 recent solar PV engagements to support WEB’s goal. This engagement marks the firm’s sixth in the island nation since 2017.

K&M Supporting Caribbean Water Utilities' Resilience to Natural Disasters

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