NEWS / K&M’s Battery Storage Expansion in Zambia

K&M’s Battery Storage Expansion in Zambia

April 24, 2023

K&M is excited to announce that Africa GreenCo, a southern-Africa-focused renewable energy intermediary off-taker and service provider, has teamed up with K&M to conduct a feasibility study for developing and implementing a battery energy storage system (“BESS”) pilot in Zambia and expanded portfolio of BESS projects to serve the region. Funded by a USTDA grant, the 10-25 MW / 40-100 MWh battery energy storage system pilot (“BESS Pilot”) and 400 MWh of BESS projects (“BESS Portfolio”) aim to address the intermittency of renewable energy, redistribute power between off-peak and peak hours, and balance Solar PV supply.

The feasibility study will assess the viability of implementing the BESS Pilot in Sesheke District, Zambia, and provide recommendations for the expanded BESS Portfolio. K&M’s scope of work, with support from POWER Engineers, includes commercial and market analysis, technical assessment of battery storage technologies, economic and financial analysis, and assessment of financing options. A preliminary environmental and social impact assessment, development impact analysis, and U.S. sources of supply analysis will also be conducted.

“We’re looking forward to working with GreenCo to assess the feasibility for Zambia’s first utility-scale BESS,” said K&M Advisors’ President Alfonso Guzman. With utility-scale energy storage being key to facing the challenges posed by renewable energy’s intermittency and other limitations, this project represents an important step towards sustainable and reliable energy solutions for the people of Zambia.

To learn more, please follow the link below:

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