NEWS / K&M’s Expanding Footprint in Energy Storage

K&M’s Expanding Footprint in Energy Storage

July 17, 2020

K&M’s work with energy storage options and hybrid solutions is growing. As a natural segue from working with renewable energy technologies, K&M is deepening its expertise in energy storage options and hybrid power solutions. Under the leadership of Derek Martin, Managing Director of Transaction Services, K&M is working on feasibility studies for renewable energy and storage options in Brazil, Kenya, and Colombia.

In Brazil, K&M is a part of a team assessing the technical and financial viability of a solar PV and battery pilot project for a commercial user and multiple 3-5 MW distributed solar generation and storage projects with energy storage from 8 to 10 MWh. K&M is performing economic and financial modeling and analysis, analyzing the project site resources, analyzing the regulatory framework and reforms. and evaluating project financing options.

In Kenya, K&M is assessing the technical, commercial, and financial feasibility of small (1 MW) solar PV and diesel generated power solutions with battery storage options for thirty tea factories across Kenya. The K&M team conducted demand analysis based on hourly load profiles of the tea factories, solar resource analysis, technical and conceptual designs for solar PV, storage, diesel, and hybrid systems, regulatory analysis, financial analysis, a project risk assessment, and tender document preparation, and established an implementation plan. K&M also provided critical analysis of the existing and prospective regulatory mechanisms, including net metering rules and sale of excess energy into Kenya’s distribution grid.

In Colombia, K&M is finishing its work evaluating power supply alternatives for the Port of Cartagena. In recent years, Contecar has suffered from 280 hours of power supply interruptions making it in desperate need of reliable low-cost power supply alternatives. To help the port meet its power needs, K&M identified and analyzed power supply alternatives, including an interconnection to the high and medium-voltage network; self-generation with natural gas, diesel, wind, and solar PV; storage (batteries or flywheels); load management systems; and other options. Based on the option analysis performed by K&M, Contecar decided to proceed with a hybrid solution including gas-fired reciprocating engines coupled with battery energy storage system. Using battery storage will allow Contecar to reduce the required capacity of engines and cover peak loads by battery storage. K&M also developed functional technical specifications and the tender document that is being used by Contecar for tendering the project as an IPP.

As emerging markets continue to explore innovative ways to meet their power needs, K&M is ready to bring forth the necessary expertise to assist its clients with their energy storage and hybrid power solution projects.

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