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CSR at K&M Advisors

February 26, 2014

At K&M Advisors, LLC, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is top-of-mind in the development of the company’s energy projects around the world.

“When we finish our careers, we will measure our success by the impact we have had on the quality of people’s lives,” said K&M Advisors Chairman and CEO William Kappaz.

K&M Advisors recognizes that the development of energy projects must be done responsibly, but that it is also the engine of growth in both the developed and developing worlds. The company ensures that projects are fully compliant with the strictest environmental regulations and ensure that the surrounding community always benefits.

Since early in its 27-year history, the K&M Advisors team has had a vision to combine the technical and financial aspects of power development to help under-developed parts of the world boost their economies, said Denis King, Managing Director of Technical Services.

This commitment to work internationally as financial, technical and transaction advisors, allows the company a unique opportunity to create goodwill for the United States and within countries where Dorado works.

The range of talent within K&M includes engineering – all disciplines, construction, start-up and commissioning, conceptual design, procurement, financial, and environmental and social analysis.

“We are truly experts in what we do and promise excellence and value in providing services,” Kappaz said. “We have an excellent track record of success. While we create most value with the expertise of our human capital, we are not afraid to put significant financial capital in each of our deals.”

For any modern company to succeed, values and ethics are leading in a list of expectations as associates, clients, and partners, said Dr. Juan José Daboub, K&M Advisors Vice Chairman and former World Bank Managing Director (2006-2010).

“We are interested in a double bottom line – one that you have decent, interesting and attractive ROI [return on investment] that translates into creating jobs and opportunities,” Dr. Daboub said. “It also ensures that the investments are both beneficial to the communities where K&M is investing and are made with the highest standards, ethics, integrity, and professionalism.”

Having CSR engrained in a business creates success that exists in a long-lasting and virtuous cycle, Dr. Daboub said.

“K&M Advisors offers one of the most important and very much needed elements for development for any country in the world, which is energy,” Dr. Daboub said. “Even the most humble person in most remote village needs a light bulb to illuminate their life and study. We cannot live without energy.”

K&M Advisors and its management team also generously support organizations that provide food, shelter, and healthcare to those most in need, as well as to programs dedicated to providing quality education and performing arts.

A handful of the organizations that K&M and its parent company The Dorado Group contributes to, includes:
• Catholic Charities
• Spanish Catholic Center
• Our Lady of Good Counsel
• Beauvior National Cathedral Elementary School
• The Washington Ballet
• Opera Camerata of Washington
• The Gala Theater

About K&M Advisors, LLC

Since its inception in 1987, K&M Advisors (formerly known as K&M Engineering and Consulting) has forged a new role for the conventional engineering firm by combining innovative engineering technology and project financing strategies for infrastructure project development. Within one company, K&M houses a solid technical base with outstanding credentials in engineering, financial engineering, project development and project management. K&M has extensive experience in providing engineering and technical support services for electric power and cogeneration plants, gas pipelines, petroleum refineries, telecommunications facilities, water and waste-water treatment plants and in the environmental restoration/waste management sector. The firm’s diverse technical staff includes home office research engineers and technicians, on-site project, construction, and support engineers, and start-up and test field engineers.

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