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December 1, 2020

K&M’s Expands its LNG Portfolio…

The Cayman Islands’ Caribbean Utility Company (CUC) is considering a switch from diesel to LNG for the island’s power generation needs. K&M has been hired to assist the CUC in its development of an LNG-to-Power [...]

November 13, 2020

C&I Power Solutions

K&M is a leading expert advising commercial and industrial (C&I) power users, investors, and lenders on the development of power supply solutions. Due to the occurrence of common power supply problems for C&I users, K&M [...]

October 16, 2020

K&M Supports Energy Expansion in…

K&M’s Technical Services Team was hired by the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) and Attarat Power Company (APCO) to serve as Independent Engineers for the 554 MW Attarat Oil Shale Power Plant Project. NEPCO is [...]

September 28, 2020

K&M’s Continued Strength in LNG

K&M is pleased to announce its newest LNG project with the IFC and GasLog in West Africa. The IFC and GasLog are developing a LNG terminal situated in the harbor of Freetown, Sierra Leone. The [...]

August 31, 2020

K&M Advises on Climate Resiliency

Due to climate change, the Caribbean is significantly more vulnerable to natural disasters, including hurricanes, tidal waves, landslides, flooding, and windstorms. It is critical to secure and safeguard water utilities due to their impact on [...]

July 31, 2020

Power Solutions for Mines and…

K&M is expanding its reach in assisting mines and large energy users to reduce the cost of power and improve reliability of power supply. K&M’s most recent engagement in this space was in Jamaica where [...]

July 17, 2020

K&M’s Expanding Footprint in Energy…

K&M’s work with energy storage options and hybrid solutions is growing. As a natural segue from working with renewable energy technologies, K&M is deepening its expertise in energy storage options and hybrid power solutions. Under [...]

July 1, 2020

K&M Welcomes New Staff Changes

K&M is proud to welcome several new hires and congratulate team members who have received promotions. Ms. Anneliese Gegenheimer recently joined the Transaction Services team as a Senior Analyst. Ms. Gegenheimer is part of the [...]


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