PROJECTS / Biomass Power Plant Pre-Feasibility

Biomass Power Plant Pre-Feasibility

Latin America and the Caribbean

October 22, 2020

A K&M client is assessing the feasibility of developing a ~20 MW biomass plant in Colombia that will use woodchips produced from a plantation in northeast Vichada. The Client has completed all the work on the first 10,000 ha plantation and the first harvest is expected to commence in 2021, producing approximately 290,000 tons of wood fiber. The Client also plans to develop a built-for-purpose chip mill at Puerto Carreño. The ideal location for the power plant is either Puerto Lopez or Puerto Gaitan. These locations are ideal as they have: i) power evacuation through the regional transmission system via 115 kV transmission lines and substations, and ii) accessibility to the Client’s plantation in Vichada through Meta river. The Client expects that the power plant will be commissioned in 2021/2. The client engaged K&M to perform a pre-feasibility study that identifies revenue sources for the project and the rules and regulations that govern how the project could access those sources. In addition, the study will include the development of a financial model to estimate the levelized cost of energy from the plant.

Economic and Financial Due Diligenc

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