PROJECTS / Bursa 67 MW Power Station

Bursa 67 MW Power Station

Europe and Central Asia

October 22, 2020

K&M was engaged to do the technical due diligence and provide inputs to develop an indicative bid for the Bursa 67 MW gas fired power plant with 145 tph of steam. The project also included a 34.5 kV switchyard and 2 km of transmission line. K&M’s technical due diligence included all site and infrastructure requirements, all equipment and materials for construction, all equipment and units for the facility, freight, EPC costs, insurance, labor, spares (for 1 year), working capital, permitting costs, financing costs, contingency, and all other required items for scheduling and costing. During the analysis K&M recommended looking at the base case and three additional options, based on different MW and steam generation scenarios, and equipment variations. Power would be sold to the Turkish Electricity Authority (TEAS).

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