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Caribbean IDB Invest Water Insurance

Latin America and the Caribbean

October 22, 2020

The IDB Invest hired K&M Advisors and Alliant to support to perform feasibility analyses, and pave the way, for a Mutual for Caribbean Water and Sewerage Companies to insure Natural Disasters Related Risks (the Mutual). It is expected that the Mutual will generate an impact reducing the recovery time and cost of water and sanitation systems after some specific natural disasters such as hurricane and increase their resilience against such events. Specifically, the consultancy will Draft a feasibility report and a practical business plan which are to: i. structure a facility to provide urgent funds for the impacted water utilities after natural disasters to restore their water supply and sanitation including to support mutual assistance and post disaster support from participating water utilities; ii. structure a facility to provide some financial instruments to mobilize other resources to support water utility companies’ long-term re-construction after such events; iii. structure a parametric insurance of losses – amount set in function of the magnitude of the climate events – to be defined through risks to be reinsured, deductibles and limits of covers thus requiring a minimal equity component; iv. propose a feasible pathway to set up the Mutual.

Economic and Financial Due Diligenc

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