PROJECTS / Cayman Island ULSD Procurement

Cayman Island ULSD Procurement

Latin America and the Caribbean

June 21, 2023

Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) plans to renew the contracts for purchasing ULSD from Sol and Rubis. As part of this renewal, CUC wants to refine the fuel supply contracts used in the past and revisit if PLATTS is still the optimal fuel price index for CUC.

K&M will improve and refine the fuel supply agreements that CUC used in previous fuel supply tenders. K&M will also analyze if PLATTS is CUC’s optimal fuel price index. This analysis will include investigating which fuel price indices CUC’s fuel suppliers are likely to use to buy the fuel they supply to CUC and whether CUC would be better off using those indices rather than PLATTS. Based on this analysis, K&M will make specific recommendations on an appropriate fuel price adjustment formula.

K&M will assist CUC in developing new drafts of the primary and secondary fuel supply contracts that reflect the above improvements and refinements.

K&M will then assist CUC in preparing an RFP and reviewing and evaluating the proposals submitted by Sol and Rubis.

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