PROJECTS / Developing an Action Plan to Strengthen SEDAPAL’s Financial Management

Developing an Action Plan to Strengthen SEDAPAL’s Financial Management

Latin America and the Caribbean

October 7, 2022

The World Bank, as part of an ongoing program to support SEDAPAL in improving its operational and commercial performance, hired K&M to provide support to SEDAPAL in strengthening its financial performance. As part of this assignment, K&M supported SEDAPAL through workshops to develop an action plan to enhance SEDAPAL’s financial management. This action plan was developed as terms of reference for contracting services financed by a World Bank loan and constitutes one of the components of Component 2 of the Program.

K&M’s scope of work included the following:

  1. Conducted a desk review of at least three years of SEDAPAL financial statements.
  2. Carried out an analysis of key financial indicators and its benchmarking across other water utilities in Latin America.
  3. Conducted an analysis of the current tariff structure.
  4. Developed recommendations for the improvement of SEDAPAL’s financial management.
  5. Prepared materials and analysis results for the client via virtual workshops.
  6. Created part of the project appraisal document (PAD) to be included in the main text or annex describing SEDAPA’s financial areas of improvements and recommendations.
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