PROJECTS / El-Kureimat 1,200 MW Power Station

El-Kureimat 1,200 MW Power Station

Middle East and North Africa

October 22, 2020

K&M served as Owner’s Engineer to the Egyptian Electricity Authority providing engineering design, procurement, and construction management for its 1,200 MW (2×600) El-Kureimat Power Project near Cairo. It was the first 600 MW unit in Egypt and the largest gas/oil-fired plant in North Africa, providing 20% of the country’s power. The plant was designed and built under a co-financing structure involving multilateral and bilateral development banks and funding agencies. This project was constructed using a multi-package financing concept developed by K&M utilizing funds from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), World Bank, African Development Bank, Arab Fund for Social & Economic Development, and other lending institutions.
K&M coordinated the project development, funding, and loan aspects to ensure overall financing optimization of the project. K&M’s innovative approach to implementing projects, and its thorough understanding of linkage of multi-source funding, project packaging, and procurement, saved the EEA over $350 million from the original project budget. K&M enhanced and improved the contract packaging by matching the sources of project funds with the proper scope of work items, thereby having timely procurements in step with construction scheduling. K&M, in association with Raytheon/EBASCO Overseas Corp., provided technical, procurement, project and construction management services for 7 of the 18 contract packages for this project valued at over $250 million. K&M also provided customs clearance support in Egypt for all 18 of the contract packages representing over $420 million in equipment and spare parts.
The project was performed in two phases. Phase I included preliminary engineering and procurement of prime contract packages for the civil, architectural and engineering works including the plant boilers, pumps and drives, the water and wastewater treatment systems, the switchyard and the electrical distribution equipment, control room simulators, and insurance, etc. Phase II included all post-contractual duties such as design review of the detailed engineering performed by the contractors, construction management, training programs and assistance in startup, testing, commissioning and initial operations. The project was commissioned in 1998.

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