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Electric Vehicle Business Case

June 8, 2023

Water en Energiebedrijf Aruba (WEB) had engaged K&M to conduct an Electric Vehicle Business Case Study. The main goal of this assignment was to support WEB in identifying and evaluating potential business models for their involvement in the electric vehicle charging industry in Aruba.

To accomplish this objective, K&M executed the following activities:

  1. K&M reviewed electric vehicle regulations and assessed existing business models implemented in comparable countries. This analysis served as a foundation for identifying suitable approaches for electric vehicle charging in Aruba.
  2. K&M identified various business models specifically tailored for electric vehicle charging in Aruba. These models encompassed scenarios where WEB would be responsible for the financing, construction, and operation of electric vehicle charging stations.
  3. K&M developed an economic model to assess the feasibility and potential profitability of each identified business model. Additionally, K&M scrutinized the regulatory landscape to determine if any new regulations were necessary to enable the implementation of these models effectively.
  4. K&M provided WEB with comprehensive recommendations on how to proceed with their electric vehicle charging business. These recommendations were based on the evaluation of the different business models and took into consideration the economic analysis and regulatory requirements.

By conducting the Electric Vehicle Business Case Study, K&M played a vital role in assisting WEB in evaluating and identifying the most suitable and viable business models for their involvement in the electric vehicle charging sector in Aruba.

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