PROJECTS / Energia Lublin 175 MW Power Station

Energia Lublin 175 MW Power Station

Europe and Central Asia

October 22, 2020

K&M completed a technical, environmental and commercial due diligence for the proposed rehabilitation of the coal-fired 502 MWth / 175 MWe Energia Lublin combined heat and power plant (CHP) at Lublin. K&M’s technical due diligence covered a review of major plant components and drawings supplied in the independent engineering assessment. K&M’s environmental due diligence assessed environmental justification, existing licenses, compliance components, remediation plans, reporting and testing requirements, impact of air protection, surface and ground water protection, solid waste management and noise protection. K&M’s commercial due diligence included reviewing proposed joint venture investment plan, offtakers, risk mitigation factors, tariffs, and financial model and cash flows.

IPP Advisor for Contract Renegotiat

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