PROJECTS / Feasibility Study of Low Quality Natural Gas

Feasibility Study of Low Quality Natural Gas

North America

October 22, 2020

K&M was engaged by US DOE to perform a technical and economic analysis of Low Quality Natural Gas (LQNG). The objective of the study was to 1) evaluate the low quality natural gas (LQNG) resource base, current utilization of LQNG, and environmental issues relative to its use; 2) review processes for upgrading LQNG to pipeline quality; 3) make recommendations for research needs to improve the potential for LQNG utilization; and 4) provide an economic and performance assessment. LQNG, for the purposes of this particular study, was defined as natural gas that contains more than 2% carbon dioxide, more than 4% nitrogen, or more than 4% combined CO2 plus N2.

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