PROJECTS / Fort William 100 MW Power Station

Fort William 100 MW Power Station

Sub-Saharan Africa

October 22, 2020

K&M was selected by the Government of Mauritius (GOM), represented by the Ministry of Public Utilities (MPU) and Central Electricity Board, to conduct a USTDA-funded feasibility and market study for a proposed greenfield 100 MW thermal power plant, the country’s first private power project to be developed and implemented as an IPP on a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) basis. K&M evaluated the technical, commercial and financial components of the project, assisted in selection of the project site, appropriate technology, optimal size, fuel source and associated transmission requirements. K&M evaluated three technologies (combined cycle with residual fuel oil, diesel engines with residual fuel oil, and a coal-fired Rankine steam cycle plant). Coal and residual fuel oil were selected as the best candidate fuels. K&M developed a financial model for each plant configurations based on each technology. Also addressed were the technical, economic, environmental and financial issues involved in structuring the project. K&M performed a Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment as part of the assignment. K&M also developed project cost estimates and investigated financing options.

IPP Advisor for Contract Renegotiat

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