PROJECTS / FTCI Cost of Service Study

FTCI Cost of Service Study

Latin America and the Caribbean

April 30, 2021

FortisTCI Limited (FortisTCI)—the electricity utility in Turks and Caicos with an aggregate generation capacity of 90.7MW and over 15,000 customers—has retained K&M Advisors to conduct a vigorous cost of service study. FortisTCI has seven service areas with multiple customer categories. Working closely with the FortisTCI team, K&M will develop a dynamic financial model that will calculate the cost of service and establish cost reflective rates by customer category for each service area. The model will calculate the cost of service on a historical basis and on a forward-looking basis using projections for 2021 to 2025. K&M will present the cost of service and proposed rates by customer category to the executive team at FortisTCI and provide recommendations resulting from the work undertaken.

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