PROJECTS / Haripur 360 MW and Meghnaghat 450 MW Power Stations

Haripur 360 MW and Meghnaghat 450 MW Power Stations

South Asia

October 22, 2020

K&M was hired by the Emerging Markets Partnership (EMP) in Bahrain to perform due diligence of the Haripur and Meghnaghat gas-fired combined cycle power plants in Bangladesh. K&M had previously performed due diligence on these assets for CDC Globeleq in 2002. K&M re-assessed the technical and financial performance and risk factors of both plants to account for any changes in the plant’s operating conditions, management, and regulatory environment. Additionally, K&M evaluated assumptions in the financial model used to project the performance of both plants, and K&M provided expert commentary on major material risks that remained relevant for potential investors in the two assets.

Experimental Steam Cycle Efficiency

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