PROJECTS / Hazira 515 MW Power Station

Hazira 515 MW Power Station

South Asia

October 22, 2020

K&M served as Lender’s Engineer to the Global Environment Fund on behalf of a private investor seeking to acquire, own and operate the 515 MW Gas Fired Combined Cycle Hazira Power Project in Gujarat, India. Owned by Essar Power Company, Hazira entered into combined cycle commercial operation in 1997, and was India’s first Independent Private Power Project (IPP). Structured as a hybrid IPP, the major offtakers were the Gujarat Electric Board (300 MW) and Essar Steel Limited (215 MW). K&M completed a due diligence evaluation to verify the technical, commercial and financial status of the plant. K&M reviewed the Project Agreements, EPC Contact, O&M Agreement, Financial Model, and technical, environmental, and financial characteristics of the project to ensure that the project risks are properly addressed and that technical and cost assumptions used in the Financial Model are reasonable. As a result of their review, K&M made recommendations for upgrades to improve efficiency and emissions.

IPP Advisor for Contract Renegotiat

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