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HFO to LNG to Power Business Case

Latin America and the Caribbean

October 22, 2020

K&M was retained by WEB Aruba N.V., Aruba’s main power producer, to review the business case (Phase 1), identify the optimal power generation technology and configuration (Phase 2), and competitively procure supply of LNG (Phase 3) for an LNG-to-Power project. WEB Aruba N.V. is planning on developing an LNG-to-Power project to help reduce the cost of electricity from HFO-fueled power plants.
As part of its work during Phase 1, K&M performed an independent review of the business case to ensure consistency and coherency throughout the document, as well as a review and audit of the economic and financial models. During Phase 2, K&M performed technical due diligence on the existing generation system, identified eight technology and configuration options (including reciprocating engines, gas turbines in simple and combined cycle) for improving the efficiency of the existing system, calculated the levelized cost of each option (with HFO and natural gas), and recommended the optimal option.
After confirming that there is a business case and selecting the optimal generation technology and configuration, K&M commenced work on Phase 3, which consists of assisting WEB manage a process for competitively selecting an LNG supplier. The process includes three steps: discovery (prospective suppliers are identified and consulted on their interest on the project), prequalification, and a request for proposals. K&M is performing, under a separate contract, a pre-FEED study of the terminal for receiving, storing and regasifying LNG.

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