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Hydrogen and Other Advisory

Latin America and the Caribbean

October 5, 2023

Utilities Aruba is undertaking several transformational initiatives to decarbonize the energy and water sectors in Aruba. These initiatives include a proposal to create a Hydrogen Valley where energy from a new solar PV facility would power the grid and produce green hydrogen for local uses and eventually for export. Green hydrogen would be used to power fuel-cells in buses, taxis, port and airport vehicles, hotels, and public buildings. The green hydrogen would also be blended with natural gas to power reciprocating engines that supply power to the grid.

K&M will conduct economic modeling of the solar PV plus green hydrogen project proposed to understand its impact on the energy cost to Arubans. K&M will also perform independent due diligence on the technology proposed. K&M will provide assistance exploring and applying for capital grants that could reduce the solar PV + green hydrogen project’s costs. The economic modeling work will also estimate the grant amounts required to make the cost of the green hydrogen project competitive with the alternative options.

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