PROJECTS / JPCL Privatization

JPCL Privatization

South Asia

October 22, 2020

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) served as the Lead Financial Advisor to the Privatization Commission in Pakistan for the privatization of the Jamshoro Power Company Limited (JPCL). The IFC engaged K&M as the Lead Technical Advisor to support the entire transaction process. K&M’s first task was to perform a full technical and commercial due diligence of JPLC’s existing power generation assets, which consist of one HFO-fired steam unit, three dual-fuel HFO/gas-fired units, and nine gas-fired units totaling 1,054 MW of combined capacity across the Jamshoro and Kotri power stations. K&M staff also performed site visits, estimated the value of the existing assets, evaluated CAPEX needs for refurbishment, and assessed the scope for operational improvements to the assets. The due diligence also included an analysis of the JPLC tariff structure and of the Pakistani power market.

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