PROJECTS / Kamsar-Boke LNG Import Terminal Demand Analysis

Kamsar-Boke LNG Import Terminal Demand Analysis

Sub-Saharan Africa

February 14, 2022

Vivo Energy is considering developing an LNG import terminal in Kamsar or Conakry to supply LNG by road to mines or other energy-intensive industries in Guinea (the “Project”). Using LNG rather than diesel or Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) could reduce energy costs to these mines and industries. As an initial step, Vivo, working alongside the International Finance Corporation (IFC), will perform a preliminary analysis of the feasibility of the Project.

K&M was responsible for:

  • Estimating required LNG trucks, ISO containers, customer-site storage, and customer-site regas and control systems
  • Estimating logistics costs for in-country deliveries
  • Analyzing the competitiveness of LNG available versus liquid fuels currently used by potential customers
  • Supporting the analysis of a PV solar option including analysis of LNG-Solar hybrid solution vs LNG, fuel-switching economics, and LNG storage sizing
  • Preliminary assessment of bankability for project or corporate financing.
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