PROJECTS / NCB Capital CHP Project NFE Jamalco

NCB Capital CHP Project NFE Jamalco

Latin America and the Caribbean

October 22, 2020

he Client, NCB Capital Markets was engaged as arrangers of a US$185-million bond issue for NFE South Power Holdings Ltd., an entity that will own the JAMALCO Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant located in Clarendon, Jamaica. The 94 MW plant is set up to provide power to the local utility, and steam to JAMALCO, a bauxite mining and alumina production company also located in Clarendon, Jamaica.
As part of the condition of the Client’s board approval, the Client engaged K&M to provide the services of an Independent Technical Advisor to validate the technical information received from the Owner in regard to the current status of the project construction and the value of the construction work completed up to date, among other things.

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