PROJECTS / Restructuring and Institutional Reform of the Egyptian EEA

Restructuring and Institutional Reform of the Egyptian EEA

Middle East and North Africa

October 22, 2020

As a contractor to USAID, K&M was tasked to investigate and provide recommendations on institutional and policy reform measures necessary for the privatization and commercialization of the power sector as a whole, and the Egyptian Electricity Authority (EEA), specifically. K&M analyzed EEA’s legal and regulatory framework and made recommendations for introducing legal and institutional reforms that would address constraints and promote private sector participation. These recommendations supported the adaptation of legislation for the introduction of IPPs, independent generation companies, establishment of an independent regulatory body, and the restructuring of the power sector into 7 autonomous generating and distribution companies. The institutional and policy reform assessment served as the reference document for subsequent privatization and commercialization efforts. It is the foundation for the enabling legislation and the current restructuring of EEA into a transmission and distribution holding company.

Krasdonar 900 MW Power Station

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