PROJECTS / Samra I 450 MW Power Station

Samra I 450 MW Power Station

Middle East and North Africa

October 22, 2020

K&M was engaged by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to assist the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) with an assessment of Jordan’s energy needs, potential for IPP development, and the procurement of new power generating capacity. K&M conducted a feasibility study of public and private options for developing new power generating capacity to meet Jordan’s energy needs. This work included an assessment of Jordan’s energy supply and demand, an analysis of its regulatory and legal environment, and an evaluation of various project structures for private investment in power generation. K&M prepared draft tender documents for the procurement of a developer for 300-450 MW of generating capacity at the Samra site under a Build-Own-Operate arrangement. K&M attended pre-bid meetings and provided technical support to MEMR and NEPCO for the technical specifications of the project and the design of the transaction documents. The project eventually was built and a government-owned facility and is now operating as Phase 1 of Samra Electric Power Company (SEPCO) power generation complex.

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