PROJECTS / Samra Phase IV 143 MW Power Station

Samra Phase IV 143 MW Power Station

Middle East and North Africa

October 22, 2020

K&M served as Owner’s Engineer to SEPCO for the Samra Phase IV Fast-Tack project, a 143 MW gas-fired simple cycle power plant. K&M provided a full range of on-site engineering and consulting services to assist SEPCO throughout the design, procurement, and construction phases of the project through to its commissioning and commercial operation. K&M performed a pre-feasibility study to identify possible equipment suppliers and plant characteristics for the required capacity and developed the bidding documents for selection of the EPC contractor, which included instructions to bidders, technical specifications, drawings, and the draft EPC Contract. K&M also managed the competitive bidding process, evaluated the bids, and completed negotiations with the selected EPC contractor. After the signing of the EPC contract, K&M performed design review and construction supervision activities. Under K&M’s guidance, the project was completed on time and the EPC contractor delivered the project to SEPCO for commercial operation within a record-breaking 8 months after signing the EPC contract. The project was also delivered within budget while meeting plant performance guarantees.

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