PROJECTS / Technical Audit Six Power Stations

Technical Audit Six Power Stations

Latin America and the Caribbean

October 22, 2020

K&M was engaged by the National Dispatch Center (CND) to verify the operating and cost data provided by six generating companies. The objective of this audit was to independently validate data that CND will use to dispatch plants based on their marginal cost. Marginal costs were calculated based on plant generation costs, technical restrictions such as minimum and maximum loads, startup times, ramp rates, etc. Generating companies report these data to CND for each generating unit. K&M did a technical audit of six thermal units: Bahia Las Minas 120 MW steam cycle, Bahia Las Minas 161 MW combined cycle, AES 42 MW simple cycle gas turbine, COPESA 44 MW simple cycle gas turbine, PanAm 96 MW diesel, and Petroelectrica 55 MW diesel.

Merom 1,073 MW Power Station

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