PROJECTS / USTDA Energy Sector Definitional Mission

USTDA Energy Sector Definitional Mission

Latin America and the Caribbean

October 22, 2020

The USTDA engaged K&M to assist with identifying and evaluating renewable energy projects in Mexico which could potentially be good candidates to receive USTDA development support. K&M led a Definitional Mission to Mexico, where K&M met with key public and private sector stakeholders to gather information on proposed renewable energy projects – some of which were PPPs – and on the Government of Mexico’s development priorities. K&M identified a pipeline of projects and prioritized them based on technical feasibility, financial viability, political support, developmental readiness, and potential interest from U.S. investors and suppliers. After identifying a short list of high-priority projects, K&M determined which projects were the best candidates to receive USTDA support, and K&M recommended specific forms of support which the USTDA could provide.

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