PROJECTS / USTDA Energy Sector Definitional Mission

USTDA Energy Sector Definitional Mission

Latin America and the Caribbean

October 22, 2020

The USTDA engaged K&M to identify and evaluate energy projects in Argentina which may be good candidates to receive USTDA funding for a feasibility study. K&M led a Definitional Mission to Argentina, where K&M met with key public and private sector stakeholders to gather information on proposed energy projects – some of which were PPPs – and on the Government of Argentina’s development priorities. K&M identified 10 activities that could benefit from USTDA support. Eight of the 10 activities were deemed to be a lower priority for the USTDA, based on the USTDA’s funding criteria. The two remaining projects are very responsive to the USTDA’s funding criteria, and that were recommended for are: Demand Side Management (DSM) Feasibility Study for EPEC, and Edenor Smart Meters in AMI Networks Feasibility Study.

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