PROJECTS / Utility-scale BESS Technology Suitability and Business Models in Zambia

Utility-scale BESS Technology Suitability and Business Models in Zambia

Sub-Saharan Africa

June 8, 2023

Funded by a USTDA grant, GreenCo enlisted the services of K&M to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study for the proposed development and implementation of a battery energy storage system pilot (BESS Pilot) with a capacity ranging from 10 to 25 MW and energy storage capacity of 40 to 100 MWh. Additionally, the study aimed to assess the feasibility of an expanded portfolio of BESS projects totaling 400 MWh, all to be located in Zambia.

GreenCo, as an intermediary and grid operator, recognizes the challenges posed by the intermittency and limitations of renewable energy sources. To address these challenges and complement its growing solar PV portfolio, GreenCo aims to develop a portfolio of BESS projects. These projects will play a crucial role in balancing the intermittency of renewable energy and optimizing supply curves. The initial BESS project is planned to be co-located with GreenCo’s PV Pilot Project. The primary objective of the feasibility study is to evaluate the technical, economic, and financial viability of implementing the BESS Pilot in Sesheke District, Zambia. Furthermore, the study will provide recommendations for the expanded 400 MWh BESS Portfolio.

K&M’s scope of work encompasses various critical aspects of the feasibility study. Firstly, they will conduct a technical assessment of battery storage technologies suitable for both the BESS Pilot and the BESS Portfolio. This assessment will consider the specific requirements and objectives of GreenCo’s business model. Economic and financial analyses will be carried out to evaluate the operational costs, commercial viability, and market dynamics related to the project. K&M will also explore financing options and assess their feasibility.

To ensure the sustainability and social impact of the project, an environmental and social impact assessment will be conducted. Additionally, a development impact analysis will be performed, along with a review of potential U.S. sources of supply. K&M will also be responsible for developing preliminary implementation schedules and necessary documentation for the project, including requests for qualification and proposals related to battery procurement, as well as engineering procurement and construction. Furthermore, they will assist in developing operations and maintenance agreements, as well as connection agreements, to support the long-term functioning of the BESS Pilot and the BESS Portfolio.

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