Feasibility Study

K&M has applied its engineering, development, and financial expertise to assess the feasibility of hundreds of infrastructure projects across more than 90 countries.

K&M’s feasibility study services include:

  • Analysis of technology solutions and configurations
  • Site studies
  • Resource assessment studies
  • Regulatory and market analysis
  • Assessment of viable business models
  • Risk mitigation and project structuring
  • Conceptual engineering
  • Technical specifications
  • Project costing and scheduling
  • Environmental and impact assessments
  • Financial and economic modeling
  • Project agreement drafting and negotiation
  • Implementation planning
Due Diligence

The essence of due diligence evaluation is risk identification, analysis, quantification, and mitigation. K&M utilizes a four-pillar approach—technical, market, regulatory, and commercial—in performing due diligence to address these critical elements of a project.

K&M's due diligence services include:

  • Technical
  • Site inspections
  • Operations and maintenance analysis
  • Reviewing financial model inputs
  • Market
  • Demand and supply forecast
  • Market analysis
  • Market modeling
  • Regulatory
  • Reviewing applicable rules and regulations
  • Forecasting regulated revenues and costs
  • Advising on strategies to minimize regulatory risk
  • Commercial
  • Reviewing project agreements
  • Risk analysis
  • Advising on value creation strategies
Transaction Advisory

K&M’s innovative financing strategies provide viable project structures essential for achieving financial close. We offer a combination of project-proven experience, technical and financial expertise and a track record of success—all in one firm.

K&M’s transaction advisory services:

  • Feasibility assessments
  • Developing functional specifications
  • Legal and regulatory framework reviews
  • Financial and commercial structuring
  • Developing and utilizing project financial models
  • Drafting and negotiating project agreements and security packages
  • Interfacing with host country governments
  • Managing international competitive bids
  • Bid evaluation and negotiation support
  • Coordinating multilateral agency support
Owner’s Engineer

K&M has a reputation for aggressively defending the interests of the owner during the EPC procurement, design, construction, and commissioning phases. Our advice has enabled project owners to construct power plants on schedule and within budget.

K&M’s Owner’s Engineer services:

  • Conceptual design
  • Drafting technical specifications
  • Drafting EPC contract
  • EPC contractor competitive procurement
  • EPC contract negotiation
  • Reviewing detailed designs
  • On-site construction supervision
  • Reviewing change orders and variations in scope
  • Approving EPC contractor invoices
Lender’s Engineer

K&M has a thorough understanding of the needs of debt providers. We use our first-hand project development experience working with development finance institutions, commercial banks, and other third-party debt providers to ensure that projects are completed on time and bank loans are repaid.

K&M’s Lender’s Engineer services include:

  • Pre-Construction
  • Reviewing project agreements, including PPA, EPC, fuel supply, and O&M
  • Reviewing financial models, and technical and commercial inputs
  • Supporting negotiations with the project sponsor
  • During Construction
  • Reviewing monthly reports
  • Reviewing drawdown requests
  • Monitoring project construction
  • Witnessing commissioning and testing
  • Post-Construction
  • Monitoring plant performance
Policy & Regulatory Reform

K&M’s advice is based on our exposure to and successful resolution of similar policy, regulatory, and institutional needs as our clients.

K&M’s Policy & Regulatory Reform services include

  • For governments
  • Identifying policy, regulatory or institutional gaps or bottlenecks
  • Identifying areas for improvement in laws and regulations
  • Designing regulatory agencies and procedures
  • Training and capacity building
  • For investors
  • Identifying and assessing legal and regulatory risks
  • Benchmarking performance
  • Developing performance indicators
  • Reengineering and business process improvement
  • Assessing procurement options and procedures
  • Conducting impact assessments
Project Development

K&M’s expertise in project development ensures that the interests of its private clients are upheld from project development to project close.

K&M’s project development services include:

  • Drafting and negotiating Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Energy Conversion Agreements, and Tolling arrangements
  • Drafting and negotiating Fuel Supply Agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating other project documents
  • Conducting scoping studies
  • Providing arbitration support

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