NEWS / Africa Energy Forum 2023 K&M Experience: Empowering Africa’s Energy Transition

Africa Energy Forum 2023 K&M Experience: Empowering Africa’s Energy Transition

June 30, 2023

The recently concluded Africa Energy Forum (AEF) 2023 was an extraordinary gathering that brought together over 3,000 delegates from various sectors, all sharing a common goal of driving Africa’s energy transition forward. As a proud participant, K&M was privileged to be a part of this remarkable event, taking place for the first time in mainland Africa. Here’s a glimpse of our experience and the key takeaways from AEF 2023.

  • Embracing the Green Hydrogen Revolution: Green hydrogen emerged as a central theme at AEF 2023, as African countries displayed a keen interest in establishing themselves as leaders in this promising field. Recognizing the continent’s immense renewable energy potential, K&M is fully committed to supporting Africa’s vision of becoming a key player in the green hydrogen economy. With our extensive experience in green hydrogen studies, we aim to facilitate the development of green hydrogen projects across the continent.
  • Unlocking the Potential of Battery Energy Storage: As the region rapidly expands its renewable energy infrastructure, stakeholders at AEF 2023 acknowledged the crucial role of battery energy storage systems (BESS). However, there remains a need for clear guidelines on assessing the economic value-add of battery storage and creating enabling regulations. K&M is thrilled to contribute to this vital area through our BESS project with Africa GreenCo in Zambia.
  • Harnessing Natural Gas Resources for Growth: Countries blessed with abundant natural gas resources are now formulating plans for domestic usage and exploring opportunities for gas exports to other African nations. Intra-African gas trading is expected to witness significant growth in the medium term, with countries investing in LNG infrastructure and expanding their gas networks. K&M stands ready to support these countries in realizing their aspirations, leveraging our deep expertise in gas market analysis and LNG-to-Power studies.

AEF 2023 served as a crucial platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among governments, investors, developers, and technology providers in Africa’s energy sector. At K&M, we are inspired by the enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated by African countries toward achieving their goals for climate change and sustainable development. We remain steadfast in our dedication to supporting Africa’s sustainable energy future, contributing our expertise and experience to drive the continent’s energy transition forward. Together, we can build a greener and more prosperous Africa.

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