NEWS / K&M Expanding Into Mini Grids

K&M Expanding Into Mini Grids

May 21, 2019

K&M is venturing into the growing mini grid market. The firm will offer decades of transaction advisory expertise to the growing sector in Sub Saharan Africa and beyond.

The fledgling sector will benefit from K&M’s guidance to establish financeable business models and contract structures. K&M has been providing these services to the electric sectors of Africa for over 30 years, including 2.8GW of projects in the past five years alone. K&M, with its experience setting precedents in emerging markets, intends to alleviate the institutional and regulatory challenges posed by grid expansions and technology advancements.

Mini grids, small scale autonomous power networks , are emerging as a solution for regions geographically isolated from typical large-scale power grids. Last month, the World Bank approved US $224.7m for solar off grid programs in Africa.

K&M looks forward to continuing its support for sustainable energy access in Sub Saharan Africa.

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