NEWS / K&M expands into Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

K&M expands into Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

December 7, 2022

K&M is proud to begin expanding its services into Electric Vehicle Charging as part of its commitment to supporting a clean energy transition. Now is the time to reduce the use of fossil fuels and replace them with clean energy.

K&M was retained by Water en Energiebedrijf Aruba (WEB) to assist with the identification and evaluation of business models for WEB’s involvement in the electric vehicle charging business in Aruba. In fulfillment of this objective, K&M will perform the following:

  1. Review electric vehicle regulations and business models in comparable countries.
  2. Identify business models for electric vehicle charging in Aruba, including models in which WEB is involved in the financing, construction, and operation of electric vehicle charging stations.
  3. Develop an economic model to analyze each business model and identify any new regulations required to enable these models.
  4. Provide recommendations to WEB for how to proceed with an electric vehicle charging business.
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