NEWS / K&M expands its footprint on BESS implementation

K&M expands its footprint on BESS implementation

March 10, 2023

Building on its successful track record advising on renewable and conventional electricity generation projects, K&M is expanding its footprint to energy storage solutions. Having advised large energy users in Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, and other countries on adopting Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) to improve supply reliability and reduce energy costs, K&M is now advising power utilities on adding BESS to replace thermal spinning reserves and provide frequency regulation and black start services. K&M was recently engaged by a power utility to perform conceptual design and procurement for a BESS.

The K&M team reviewed previous studies conducted in the region on unit commitment and generation dispatch, dynamic simulations, and the impact of adding BESS on power system operation. Our team evaluated various BESS use cases to identify the BESS beginning-of-life sizing and augmentations that meet our client’s requirements at the least cost. In addition, we aided with deciding how to procure the BESS and prepare a detailed procurement plan. K&M will soon commence preparation of the Request for Proposal (RFP) for procuring the BESS and will then assist the client in managing the procurement process.

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