NEWS / K&M Supports Geothermal Expansion in Africa and LAC

K&M Supports Geothermal Expansion in Africa and LAC

April 1, 2020

K&M is excited to announce that the firm is advising several clients on the development of geothermal energy projects throughout the world.

Since 2016, K&M has been serving as the PPP transaction advisor to the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) for the 140 MW Olkaria geothermal project in Kenya. Under the direction of Mr. Derek Martin, K&M’s Managing Director of Transaction Services, K&M supported KenGen in developing the request for qualifications (RFQ) package and is now assisting KenGen with the launch of the request for proposals (RFP).

Also in Kenya, K&M is collaborating with POWER Engineers under a USEA contract to perform a technical and economic assessment for Oserian’s, a Kenyan flower company, geothermal industrial park. Oserian’s goal is to have the industrial park supplied completely by renewable energy. K&M’s economic assessment will consider geothermal, solar, and pumped hydro storage options.

Similarly, Mr. Nils Janson, K&M’s Managing Director of Policy and Regulation, is leading several geothermal projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has contracted K&M to provide strategic advisory services for the development of low and high enthalpy geothermal projects in selected countries in Latin America, beginning with Colombia. Under Mr. Janson’s leadership, the K&M team will provide recommendations to reduce or dismantle barriers to the development of geothermal energy. In addition to Colombia, K&M will conduct in-depth analysis, and provide strategic advice and recommendations for the countries that have the greatest untapped geothermal potential. Countries under review are: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Peru.

Additionally, The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has contracted Mr. Janson as the Transaction and Geothermal Energy Advisor (GEA) to provide review, analysis, and back-stopping support to CDB’s appraisal team, primarily for the Nevis Island Geothermal Energy Project, and possibly for a geothermal energy project in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The project in Nevis would produce 10 MW of geothermal energy.

In St. Lucia, K&M is providing financial and economic advice to the Government on a potential 30 MW geothermal project. For this assignment, Mr. Janson led a team that has developed a financial model for assessing the financial outcomes of numerous scenarios regarding the development of the geothermal project.

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