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K&M’s Leading Hydrogen Energy Initiative

May 12, 2021

Reflecting on this year’s Earth Day and the White House’s Leaders Summit on Climate, the world is trending towards cleaner and sustainable energy. While the most commonly known renewable energy technologies include solar PV, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric technologies, another energy source is gaining much attention. Although Hydrogen is not new, the way in which the energy and transportation industries use this abundant element is changing.

Several members of K&M’s staff attended the Hydrogen Congress for Latin America & the Caribbean Conference (H2LAC) recently and participated in some sessions that explored creating a market for Hydrogen, bankable Hydrogen power projects, and creating national and regional Hydrogen roadmaps. Kathleen Cohen, Analyst from K&M’s Strategic Practice commented, “Countries in LAC like Brazil, Paraguay, and Trinidad and Tobago are making roadmaps and investments to develop their Hydrogen economies. They are prioritizing Green Hydrogen and hope to use it to decarbonize their chemical, power, and transportation sectors as well as create Hydrogen export capabilities.” Green Hydrogen is becoming increasingly popular because it is created using renewable energy, versus the traditional methods of using coal or other fossil fuels, which in turn produces Grey Hydrogen. Senior Analyst in the Policy and Regulation Practice, Lindsay Burkhard, mirrors this emphasis on Green Hydrogen, but also notes that “Blue Hydrogen also presents much promise for achieving energy transition goals” in the region.

Since a modern and greatly expanded Hydrogen energy industry is just at its beginning stages, K&M is dedicated to being a leader in the industry and will aim to provide expertise and insight into the world of Hydrogen. A new initiative that will launch in May is K&M’s Hydrogen Club, which invites clients and prospective clients to explore Hydrogen from the basic level, to exploring existing and future technologies, market trends, and investing opportunities. K&M’s Hydrogen Club will foster a creative and collaborative learning environment which seeks to increase clients’ knowledge in Hydrogen energy.

K&M Leads Decarbonization Efforts in Power Generation

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