NEWS / K&M Leads Decarbonization Efforts in Power Generation

K&M Leads Decarbonization Efforts in Power Generation

March 17, 2021

With the current shift towards renewable and cleaner energy, several utilities and power generation clients are left wondering how do they reduce their carbon footprint in a cost-effective manner? K&M was recently hired by a power utility in the Caribbean to model various decarbonization generation scenarios, including combinations of different technologies, such as solar PV, wind, lithium battery, green Hydrogen, and natural gas. The model will assist this utility to find the least-cost and least-carbon emitting mix of technologies.

This is one of the first advisory projects in which K&M will model a Green Hydrogen system for power generation. K&M is analyzing the cost and emissions reductions of producing Green Hydrogen with electricity from excess renewable generation and storing and using that Hydrogen in a turbine converted to run 100% on Hydrogen and/or using a 15|85 Hydrogen | natural gas blend on existing reciprocating engines. K&M’s model includes cost and efficiency parameters for every step in the Green Hydrogen production and utilization process.  The model also analyzes hourly production requirements, as well as hourly wind and solar generation, to determine the cycling of the Lithium batteries and estimate when there is excess renewable energy that could be used to produce Green Hydrogen.

K&M is ready to assist its clients to analyze least-cost and clean energy generation options to reduce their carbon footprint.

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