PROJECTS / 192 MW Achensee, Imst, and Kirchbichl Power Stations

192 MW Achensee, Imst, and Kirchbichl Power Stations

Europe and Central Asia

October 22, 2020

K&M was retained to perform technical, commercial and market due diligence for the asset purchase and cross-border lease transaction of three hydroelectric power stations: Achensee (79 MW), Imst (89 MW), and Kirchbichl (24 MW). The Achensee power station is net generating capacity of 79 MW, draws water from the Achensee Lake, which is about 10 km long, 1-km wide and up to 133 meters deep. The station is located 40 kilometers east of Innsbruck, and was the first project of TIWAG, constructed in the period of 1924-27. Imst and Kirchbichl hydropower facilities were subsequently developed and operated by TIWAG. For each of these assets, K&M’s scope of work included: general overview of the Austrian and central Europe energy market; benchmark equity return to investors; identifying a pool of qualified bidders; and reviewing and commenting engineering due diligence report, appraisal report and assumptions, service agreement, power purchase agreement, facility operating agreement, and lease agreement.

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