PROJECTS / 1,976 MW Thermal IPP Portfolio Due Diligence

1,976 MW Thermal IPP Portfolio Due Diligence

South Asia,Sub-Saharan Africa

October 22, 2020

K&M was engaged by CDC Globeleq to conduct technical and commercial due diligence on a fast-track basis. K&M evaluated the following six power plants totaling 1,976 MW of capacity: the Haripur 360 MW CCGT IPP, the Meghnaghat 450 MW CCGT IPP, the Kelanitissa 163 MW diesel-fired combined cycle IPP, the Kelvin 600 MW coal-fired IPP, the Songas Ubungo 113 MW CCGT IPP, and the Ebute 290 MW gas-fired open cycle barge IPP. For each power plant, K&M evaluated technical performance, commercial arrangements, operations and maintenance (O&M) arrangements, plant management, regulatory structures, and the plant’s environmental profile. To support the technical due diligence, K&M engineers interviewed plant staff and conducted site inspections to evaluate the physical conditions of each plant. K&M reviewed all major contracts for each plant, including PPAs, fuel supply agreements, and O&M contracts, and K&M analyzed risks which could impact future operations and cash flows to investors. K&M also estimated the remaining useful life of each asset.

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