PROJECTS / Burg Wastewater Treatment Plant

Burg Wastewater Treatment Plant

Europe and Central Asia

October 22, 2020

K&M did the technical and commercial due diligence on the proposed cross-border lease transaction of the wastewater treatment plants for the cities of Konstanz, Dingelsdorf, Dettinger, Reichenau and Hegne in Germany, and the city of Kreuzlingen in Switzerland. Fifteen separate components (interceptors, pumping stations, overflows, etc) were analyzed. K&M’s scope of work included reviewing the engineering due diligence report, appraisal report, network access agreement, facility support agreement and service contract. K&M also reviewed operations, maintenance and management costs. K&M reviewed certain commercial, technical, and financial documents related to the proposed cross-border head lease transaction and furnished an independent opinion of the due diligence engineering report, appraisal report, service contract agreement and facility support agreement.

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