PROJECTS / Due Diligence of the 940 MW Trumbull Energy Center

Due Diligence of the 940 MW Trumbull Energy Center

June 1, 2023

Sixth Street engaged K&M for a technical due diligence review of a new 940 MW natural gas-fired combined cycle electric generating facility in the Village of Lordstown, Trumbull County, OH. The project will feature a 2×1 configuration, employing two Siemens Energy SGT6-8000H 1.6 combustion turbine-generator units (CTGs), two Nooter/Eriksen heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), and one Siemens steam turbine generator (STG). The facility, collectively known as the Power Island Equipment (PIE), may utilize Vogt or Siemens HTT HRSGs. Additionally, the project will incorporate supplemental firing and evaporative cooling for enhanced power output in specific conditions.

K&M conducted a technical due diligence review, focusing on the Independent Engineer’s report, EPC and O&M contracts, and financial model assumptions. Following the review, K&M prepared a memo identifying project risks and recommending adjustments to the financial model assumptions.

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